This agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for the use of the Website at www.misdesign.eu (the Store). The owner of the Store  www.misdesign.eu is registered in Central Registration and Information on Business as ATELIER MISDESIGN under numbers: Tax ID Number 7262461378; Regon 101650642.

The company is the property of Mariola Sałuda, available at 70e Bema street, 91-492 Lodz, Poland.

To contact the company please use:
- e-mail address visible on the website
- telephone number: 0048793049011

§ 1 Definitions

  1. Terms of use-terms and conditions of use of the Website/Store

  2. Buyer- a person or a company able to make a purchase at the Store under the ‘Therms and Conditions’

  3. Seller – a unit selling products via the Website/Site under the ‘Therms and Conditions’.

  4. Goods– a Merchandise, presented and sell via the Website/Store under the Terms of use.

  5. Website/Store- an Internet shop at www.misdesign.eu where Buyer can purchase presented Goods.

  6. Order– the Buyer request to purchase specific number and type of Goods..

§ 2 The Orders

  1. All prices include taxes and are given in Euro. The prices do not cover the cost of shipment that is visible while making the order. The price of each product is valid at the time of placing an order by the Buyer.

  2. Orders are made via the Website/Store 24h a day, 7 days a week.

  3. To make a Order the Buyer must fill in the order form, including the address, e-mail address and telephone, as well as the method of payment and type of shipping.

  4. When the data given in the order form are not complete, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order.
  5. After the Order has been send, the Buyer recives an automatic reply from the Website/Store.
  6. Every Purchase is send to the Buyer with the recite .

§ 3 The Delivery

  1. Goods are send to the address given in the order form. Delivery to foreign countries is made via Polish Post and its time differ according to specific country. Special orders made on specific request are longer and may take up to 30 working days.

  2. The time of the delivery is based on the metod of the delivery choosen by the Buyer.

  3. Any damages of the parking visible after delivery should be reported to the delivery man.

  4. The cost of the delivery includes the cost of the packing.

§ 4 Payment

  1. International payments can be made via :
    -PayPal system
    -directly to the account :
    ING Bank Slaski Lodz
    IBAN : PL 96 1050 1461 1000 0091 3836 6258

  2. The Buyers that choose to make the direct payment to the account, have 3 working days to make the payment, after that time the order will be canceled.

  3. The payment includes the shipping with the cost of the package.

§ 5 Refunds

  1. Refund requests should be made via e-mail.

  2. The request should state the cause for the refund and its origins.

§ 6 General terms

  1. All images found at the Website/Store are the property of ATELIER MISDESIGN and can not be copied and published without previous agreement form the owner.

  2. ATELIER MISDESIGN makes sure, that presented images are as closes to the reality as it is possible, but differences in color or proportion can occur due to different monitor settings used.


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Atelier misDesign was established as a result of a dream to create beautiful object with passion and joy. We specialize in unique leather handbags.



Feel free to contact us:
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tel.  793 049 011

email: info@misdesign.eu



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